India + Nepal

Travel Photography

Last Christmas I made a trip to India and Nepal, for the first time in my life in Asia. It was an incredible journey. Both enriching and shocking. On the one hand I’ve seen poverty I’ve never experienced before in my life (even though I’m from South America) – and at the same time was one of the most heart-opening, spiritual experiences in my life. In India, everything is exposed – you can see kids with broken legs and arms begging for money, and next to them, a luxury Car drives by. People wear nothing, or can wear prada (although, quite rare).

At the same time, I was able to meet lamas, take part in initiations, and meet incredible places like Bodh Gaya, Swayambhunath, and the Mahaboddhi Temple. These places breathe energy from thousands of years of mantras from Buddhists and meditation masters. Somehow, after visiting these places, they stayed stuck in my heart, even months later, I could still hear the chanting of the monks within me. I cannot explain what or how, but this trip really changed me. I became calmer. I could catch myself before saying something not so mart, I was able to think clearer and not to take things so seriously.

I also met incredible friends on the way. They were always helping me and giving me a hand when necessary. It’s these connections you make on the way that you remember for the longest time.  You cannot buy experiences, and traveling it’s quite necessary if you want to broaden you experience of the world. I cannot recommend this journey enough! Specially if you live in some of the 1st world countries, where everything works like it should. In some way, when nothing works the way it’s supposed to, you have to relax.

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