Recently I did a photoshoot with Theresa, from Germany.

Though she looks like an easter European / Russian beauty.

These pictures were taken in Granada, Spain. All Primes with Fuji X-T2 + X100F.

It’s always interesting to push the angles, and what’s possible exploring different points of view, change of light, and your surroundings. After a short while both me and her managed to relax and the flow of pictures came along quite well.

I took a lot of photo bursts, this made the total sum up to 2000+ pictures in less than 2 hours of shooting. It may not be the most advisable thing to do for your workflow, but this time I think it worked really well.

Fortunately, here in the south of Spain we still have a quite good amount of light even during winter time (although they always complain about how dark it is!) – and we managed this kind of shooting in mid-November. Which is great!

My tip for you is just explore as much as you can. If you have a digital camera on top, it’s even easier – you don’t won’t suffer the hassle of wasting money on printing bad pictures. The more you explore, the better you become. You start discovering what works best intuitively.

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